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What We Feed Our Babies

May 2, 2012

So many new Neros and American pyramids
later, we still mix pack go for that bit
on the tongue and easy vitamins in sweet
drinks. We save, always save, our savings
marred like strawberries by the saving.
You tell me, I put cheddar flavoring
on everything I give them so they
will eat. What is this monstrous tea,
this cheddar flavor, that we train
our babies to thirst for, long for,
with light and dew and cherries and
cold milk and harps, eclipses, hands
full of water, so many sweeter
and longer lasting flavorings?

  1. I really like these last 5 lines!

    • Thanks! It occurred to me that I ought to put somewhere that my poems are all drafts, composed while running. It’s helpful, in thinking about revising, to get feedback on what works.

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