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May 10, 2012

Once, two—without men—steered off the mountain way. To relieve
themselves, I wished, but they went on through the woods and
then, coming to water, distributed colors on the stones and
plunged in. I neared them through the woods and, to deceive
them while they cooed and sprayed like birds, gathered up the colors
and crushed them beneath a stone. I treated myself, then,
to their enjoyment, their blue lips and slim silvery arms. Then,
all at once, they unplunged themselves and grabbed each other,
piping and echoing. One, a mystik surely, came then soundless
toward me, while the other still harped and gulped and then
grabbed herself. The one neared me, then wheeled away, then
orbited back to her companion. So it went, till blackness
eclipsed then swallowed their forms, leaving me to pick my way down
alone, imagining their descent, so, into the light-filled town.

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